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FBC Repiped 97 One Bathroom Units, 153 Two Bathroom Units and 7 Laundry Rooms.
Work included:

  1. Capped off and abandon all existing hot and cold-water piping.
  2. Replaced hot and cold-water piping with PEX Pipe.
    • New Cold-Water Service from the mains and Hot Water Service from the existing boilers.
    • Rooftop Piping and Insulation.
    • New Shower Valves at each location.
    • Angle Stops at all lavs, sinks and toilets.
    • Laundry boxes and Supply Lines.
  3. Drywall abatement as needed.
  4. Replace interior drywall and paint to match during re-pipe as needed.
  5. Permits, Full time Supervision, Monthly Progress Reports and Schedule Updates.

All work was performed while the units were occupied!

  • Client: Covina Grand Re-Pipe
  • Builder: Field Brothers

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