The most beautiful, carefully installed floor can be ruined by inadequate floor prep and cause massive budget overruns in rework. Wavy concrete, pits and residue will not only look substandard, but limit the life of your flooring. We use skilled technicians and specialized equipment to ensure the best possible subfloor surface that meets or exceeds your floor manufacturer’s warranty standards. Our subfloor preparation services and techniques include grinding, bead blasting, self-leveling, and moisture barrier installation.

Subfloor preparation is the core or foundation of your floor. The floor is laid on the subfloor, and if proper subfloor preparation is not done, the floor won’t last for long. When it comes to flooring, it’s what underneath that matters.

What is the subfloor?

The subfloor is basically the foundation of your current floor or simply what is underneath the floor. The subfloor can be made up of concrete, plywood, or diagonal pine planks for older homes.

Different homes today adopt the same subfloor material, but the critical bit is the installation. A strong subfloor is vital in keeping the integrity of the floor covering you prefer. Subfloor preparation is the core of the top floor. It makes a very significant impact on the finished flooring product on top.

Some of the most common problems with subfloors include cracking, potholes, and unevenness for the concrete subfloor. For the plywood subfloors, squeaking and creaking, rot, movement, and water damage are significant issues.

Subfloor preparation sets the foundation where the floor is laid, and if done by an expert, the finished product is perfect in looks and durability.

The importance of subfloor preparation

Like we said before, the finished floor is as good as the subfloor, so the importance of subfloor preparation Oceanside can’t be ignored. The finished resilient flooring is dependent on the quality and condition of the subfloor. The flooring can fail if the system components are not done as required. Floor prep Newbury park is serious work and has to be done by a flooring expert who understands everything there is to do about flooring.

If the subfloor preparation California is not dry enough, not properly cleaned or poor in quality and not flat, the floor preparation won’t matter. The floor will suffer and require a callback, and if drastic, it might require reinstallation.

Sometimes, homeowners are resistant to pay for subfloor and floor preparation. This is setting your floor up for failure in the future as problems start right from the day of the installation.

Have you ever heard of floating floors? It’s not a type of flooring but a method of floor installation. Most people think that floating floors can be used to cover a bad subfloor, which is a lie. Floating floors are largely affected by improper subfloor prep causing unevenness, which in time affects the quality and durability of the floor.

Subfloor preparation Newbury park involves removing materials such as paint, oil, grease, existing floor covering, and adhesives from the subfloor before the laying operations begin. After this, the laying process begins where concrete is mixed and laid then finished to a smooth and porous surface.

Floor preparation

Floor preparation involves laying the top floor after the foundation, or the subfloor prep is complete and dry. Concrete floors, which are the most common must be sound and solid. The frozen, overwatered, damaged and weak concrete must be removed during floor preparation California to provide a solid and sound base. The subfloor concrete is then evaluated for moisture and should be free of curing compounds and any other contaminants that could have been missed during the subfloor preparation Newbury California.

Uneven floor is caused by an uneven subfloor which damages the quality of the floor. The durability of the floor depends on the subfloor prep Oceanside where the subfloor is unevenly laid. The resulting top floor after some time develops potholes.

If you want durable, good looking and high-quality flooring, subfloor preparation is not an option. Get a contractor with prior experience in floor preparation Newbury park and subfloor preparation as well. This way, you are assured of quality and durable floor that stands the test of time.

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